About Us


We provide sustainable and environmentally friendly wall coverings, murals and art prints.

Our paper is eco friendly and our ink is water soluble, making it void of toxic chemicals that can be found in eco solvent printing. It is flame retardant and is certified for any public spaces, such as hospitals. We have a wide array of substrates including Type II.

Our products are made to order and produced in house, so we hold no inventory. Design and printing are all done in Old Town Pasadena, making our product sustainable and USA made.

We focus on small runs, trying to promote a sustainable and functional design house that helps alleviate that large carbon foot print found in the textile industry today.  

We love collaborations and new ideas, and are happy to work with you to get your vision across in the most sustainable way possible.

Let's change for the better and stop fast fashion and fast home decor and keep our planet green and small business thriving! Thank you for helping support our mission for a more sustainable and bright future.


Meet our team:

Marina Bijelic


With a Bachelor’s in Art History and a Masters in Textile Design, Marina uses her academics as well as her globetrotting experiences to inspire her work. Her main medium is illustration both hand drawn and digital.


Iva Lollis



Iva has over a decade of sales and recruiting experiences, specifically in the creative industries. Iva has an MBA from Pepperdine and great talent for helping develop quality products.


(626) 529-3612

Max Bijelic


With over 30 years in architecture and construction including: historical restorations, custom work on embassies, Ambassadors residences and foreign missions in Washington DC, Max is well versed in specialized design.