Understanding Different Substrates


This is a self adhesive canvas, meaning it is essentially a sticker and can be repositioned and removed easily with no damage and can be done by one person. This substrate is a very neutral white making it true to color.


This is a canvas textile **requires paste*** since it is a fabric it is not rigid, professional install highly recommended. This material has a woven texture to it.


This is a pre-pasted substrate that requires a water soak and at least two people for installation. Most sustainable wallpaper and can also be removed easily. This paper comes smooth and matted. Most neutral substrate, bright white, making it true to color.


This is a woven wallpaper, much like traditional wallpapers that you see. **requires paste** professional install highly recommended. This paper has a matted smooth appearance, the material leans to a warm white, making designs lean a bit warmer.


This is a woven wide width wallpaper. Its signature is its rigid lines made from weaving grass together. This wallpaper requires a professional installation and has zero overlap. The paper leans yellow, which makes design colors a bit warmer.